Learn Spanish in Ushuaia

Learning Spanish in Ushuaia, Argentina provides the opportunity to see what lies at the end of the road. Wild nature surrounds the pockets of long-standing cities and communities – bordered by coldwater bays, rushing rivers, glaciers, and epic mountains. Studying Spanish is Ushuaia brings you to a place that sits at the edge of the world, pushing your language and imagination to its limits.

Ushuaia Study Spanish in Ushuaia (Argentina)

  • Ushuaia EinwohnerEinwohner: 58,000
  • Ushuaia LageLage: End of the World
  • Ushuaia TemperaturTemperatur: 10.2°C (Jan), 3.1°C (Jul)
  • Ushuaia ZeitzoneZeitzone: UTC-3
  • Ushuaia WährungWährung: Peso (ARS)
  • Ushuaia LandLand: Argentinien

Endings and Beginnings

Spanisch lernen in Ushuaia Ushuaia Fotogalerie

Choosing to learn Spanish in Ushuaia you will see a plethora of journeys ending and beginning while reveling in the energy of world travelers enjoying the small city so far from everything familiar. Studying Spanish in Ushuaia connects you with the essential spirit of travel.

Whether it's seeing the final turns of a cyclists wheels at the end of the Pan-American Highway after beginning their journey in Alaska, 29,800 miles (47,958 km) before. Or perhaps, during a break from your Spanish study in Ushuaia you decide to stroll the port to listen to the farewell sirens of the ships and the excited chatter of travelers as they leave for Antarctica. Or maybe just enjoying some quiet time, pondering the great adventures of Charles Darwin, while watching the deep blue waves jump and bump on the Beagle Channel. Learning Spanish in Ushuaia connects you with these historical waters, the start of great adventures, and the completion of transformative journeys.

New Vistas

Sprachkurse in Ushuaia Ushuaia Fotogalerie

Unlike any other place, learning Spanish in Ushaia provides a view of our world through a new lens. And with this new view your inner-adventurer will rise up and yearn to explore. From horseback riding, glacier-trekking, hiking, kayaking, sailing on the Beagle Channel, or traveling deep into the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the southern most national park in the world.

Use your new language skills from your Spanish study in Ushuaia, to learn about the historic prison nestled inside the national park, now closed and home to the Southern Fuegian Railway. Learn about this marvelous railroad construction while sitting on the "End of the World" train as it chugs between sky scraping mountains and bright blue lakes, lagoons and rivers.

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